Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Girl Germs: The Aftermath

So it appears that all our shameless promotion for Girl Germs worked. We were at capacity and then some on Saturday night. 100 cupcakes were consumed, free zines were nabbed and we all thrashed about to some amazing grrrl music. In fact we thrashed so much that our cds kept skipping.

We had a brilliant time and met some fantastic people who want to help us out. Anyway, the upshot of it all is, Girl Germs is going to be bi-monthly at the Camden Head from February 13th when we're probably going to do an anti- Valentine's Day themed bash.

We plan to do lots of different themed nights to keep things interesting, so if you have any ideas or just want to help us out, you can email girlgermslondon@googlemail.com.

Here are some photos that I didn't take:


The brilliant We Are Words And Pictures stall.

Me and Laura djing. We're so cool now.


There you have it. You can follow us on our new Twitter page here, and become a fan of us on Facebook here.

Hope to see you on February 13th.


  1. I shall put the 13th February in my diary and health permitting will be there :) Glad it went well x

  2. Feel free to thank me for the pictures... :-)

  3. I can't stop dreaming about all the different things we could write on the cupcakes next time!

    I really should think about something else, I mean, that can't occupy all my thoughts until February.

  4. Please, please, please... Tell me where you found these dresses (your's and Laura's). Please! :)

  5. Laura's is (the grey one) is from Beyond Retro. Mine is See by Chloe. x